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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Over Due

My stay back home in Penang is long overdue. That's what I feel at the moment. Why?

I feel that there's more reason for me to leave than to stay here any longer. Yes, although it's where my real home is, my hometown, the place i lived and grew up most of my life, the place that your surrounded with people that loves and care for you, I still prefer my independent lifestyle back in KL. I do what I wanna do, I sleep whenever I wanna sleep, I wake up whenever I feel like, I go wherever and whenever I want. I'm not spoilt nor selfish. Don't get me wrong, I still love my family & Penang.

Its just that when your so used to living independently for almost 2 years somewhere far from home (ok, its only 5 hrs drive away), I just can't stand the feeling of being tide when I'm back home. No nagging from parents especially mom, no certain house rules, more privacy etc. Really, the feeling is different. You do everything yourself, which I've also got used to. Although, back home you don't have to worry about what or where to eat, laundry not done & stuff.

It's nice when you come back home once in a while, during short holidays, weekends. The treatment is different. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. It's like after your not around for some time, and when you come back, the family / parents seems to care for you more. You also get more attention! But after a while, the old habit is back! Nagging, finding faults, accusations, arguments, bla bla bla. So its really true that absence makes the heart fonder. Don't believe? Try it. Go for a long holiday, and when ur back, see the difference.

Not to say, most of my friends are not here in Penang. Most of them are in KL. Even those who are back for summer holidays are not here. No kaki for yum cha, shopping, talking crapz. Sometimes, I just feel so lonely and pathetic.

I really wanna go back (yes, to jungle land semenyih). I really wanna leave this place at this very moment. This is the effect of the staying here for more than 3 months.



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