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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another semester come and go

The spring semester's time table is out! Yay i got monday off and NO more Hind Bargash! But..... Tues to thurs are going to be a long long day. Start at 9 am everyday except friday. Lab till 6 pm on tues n thurs, means it'll be 9am-6pm with 1 hr break for lunch? Madness!! Seems like this is a shitty time table after all.
Time really flies when ur in uni. I'll be in my second semester of 2nd year and before i know it, its summer break all over again and start year 3 after that and maybe graduate. What am i going to do after i graduate? I'm still confused and how can that be? Shouldnt i be focused?, i'm already half way through 2nd year! Haih.....
This semester holiday i must say is VERY VERY short. 1 week is definitely not enough. I'll update on my langkawi-penang trip when i get hold of the pictures. There are nearly 1000 pictures taken i think. Hmmmm... It was an AWESOME, EXCITING & FUN outing although most of us were deprived of sleep. Hahaha.
Lastly, THANKS PIN FOR THE NEW LAYOUT!!! xoxo!! Like it alot, i need u 2 teach me how to add some stuff to it though.


Blogger lauren said...

update larrrr...muahaha

March 19, 2007 at 11:37 PM  

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