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Monday, January 1, 2007

Vegetarian course dinner

I've never heard of chinese vegetarian course dinner. I know there are lots of chinese vegetarian restaurants sprouting in penang like mushrooms, but I havent seen or been to an annual / anniversary dinner that serves vegetarian course until just now. It was my buddhist temple 35th annivesary and they had a big dinner celebration at Han Chiang High School Hall. There were 97 tables and the hall was packed like sardines! Thank god the hall is air-conditioned. Didnt manage to capture the first two dishes that was the four season which included fried vegetarian duck, pig's kidney fried with carrot and green bean, eu char koay wif cashew nuts and cuttle fish fried wif dried chilli and shark's fin soup. All I can say is that they really taste the same as the original.

Fried chicken wif ginger in sesame oil and fried chiken drumstick

Chicken Curry with Mantou (some hyena stole 2 mantou when it reached the table)

Fried 'Lor Bak'

Fish (ray fish)

Rice steamed in Lotus Leaf

Dessert: Hot snow fungus with dried longan and lotus seed

Overall the dinner wasnt that fantastic but it was quite an experience. It was definitely 'ditangung halal'.


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