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Sunday, December 17, 2006

That was the reaction of my whole family when i rang the door bell earlier in the evening. U c, i was suppose only suppose to come back penang tomorrow, but there were changes n i didnt let my mom know. I just mesg her asking her whether anyone we'll be home around 5 plus. I dare not take risk as its a sunday & the family might be out kai-kai-ing.

The stupid post office in Semenyih does not have proper glue. I bought stamps n was trying to seal the envelope. Then the bottle of glue that was on the table is empty. So after some scouting around, found a new full bottle. Happy me! (Tot lucky me!) So I peeled the dried layer of glue of the small little hole and start squeezing. Squeeze, squeeze, shake, shake. Still no glue. So i started to squezze using both hands and pop! out came the top of bottle wif half the bottle of glue. SHITZ MAN! #@*%! The glue landed on my top, seep through 2 my body, on my shorts, on my sunglasses, on the envelope. It was super messy. FINE! Ran to the car for help n HJ n Pin start feeding me with tissue. But bcos i was filled wif so much glue, the tissues start to stick on me. Wif no choice, we had to patah balik for me to change & clean up wif me pulling my shirt of myself all the way home to stop the glue from seeping through. After that, lunch n LCCT n more shopping.
Its been quite a tiring day for me. Only slept for about 4 hours last night. Busy packing to go home cos only came back at 1.30am after having not a fun time spending money @ The Curve thanks to pin. The deco was very blue and glittery and nice though! The christmas atmosphere is definitely there. The deco @ midvalley was not bad either. Before that, pin n I send HJ to LCCT in Sepang after the horrible incident @ the post office. Guess wat, she saw the wrong time, we were about 2 1/2 hrs earlier! Thats not it, later she found out the flight was delayed! Poor HJ. Nvm, u had a great feast waiting 4 u at home in MIRI.

The Curve

Mid Valley


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