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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Ohhhh nooooooo!!!!!

I want to turn the clock around. Please bring me back to 2 weeks before. If my wish is granted, I promise I WILL study and NOT be lazyyyy. I will spend my time wisely doing revision and not go shopping!!

I had quite a bad panic feeling last nite and couldnt go to sleep till 4am! Thanks to pin for bringing the exam topic up earlier in coffee bean. We should be catching up on our friends life & leave the worries later! Hahaha. Promise myself to do more work when i wake up but totally forgot about the whole thing again the next morning.

And what did i do? Tried making lasagna. Not bad for a first timer. The meat sauce used is the spagethi sauce i usually make. I just made it less watery than usual. The cheese sauce was not bad either. The milk used actually taste and smells like vanilla! My favourite! Or maybe all milk is like that, just that i dont really know cos i dont drink milk. I cant eat too much of it though as I'll feel 'jelak' due to the rich ingredients. Overall, it was quite a success! Will definitely make it again soon.

Last night was great meeting Van, her sis Sharm and Phing again before they fly away far far away over the pacific ocean. Have a good year ahead and enjoy urself! Work hard and till we meet again during the next christmas holidays. Lets hope i can visit u guys there during summer.... *dreaming*.....hehehe.


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