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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Prawn & Mushroom Olio


Dad wanted to eat Pizza Hut's Prawn Olio. So I made one for the whole family for lunch. Its my own version of frying spagethi with garlic, mushrooms, prawns, cherry tomatoes and lettuce in extra virgin olive oil. I also added a dash of dried oregano, salt n pepper to taste. It was yummy although there wasnt enough prawn and mushroom. They wanted extra 'liu' but my bro still rated 9/10!! Its actually quite easy to make and not much preparation is needed.

Its just another saturday & I feel bored at home. I know I'm suppose to study but I just can't! Then off my mind drifted..... If only i'm back in semenyih. Saturday means playing badminton at around 4 pm then squash then swimming. By the time we're clean and freshen up, we'll head over to semenyih night market to 'ta pau' our delicious dinner. We'll buy so much, more than our tummy can fill. My favourite is nasi lemak mama with extra sotong and a cup of bubble milk tea. Then we'll have our feast in tts 5 and chit chat or catch a movie or play PS or mah jong until late at night. Time really flies when u have the right company with good food and atmosphere. After that, maybe mamak @ Suren or Sri Leena. Its been a routine for the past 1 1/2 months or 2 maybe. Breaking this routine makes me feel a little weird.

That said, maybe i should feel a little happy cos we're having steamboat tonight at home! Grandma has already prepared the soup, all the seafood you can get and meat and noodles. Although i prefer tom yam soup, the soup we're having is plain chicken broth (little cousin cant take spicy stuff). It just reminded me of the tomyam steamboat I had in my tts 3 home. Although there wasnt much stuff to put in, we still enjoyed every moment of it. We mostly had processed food like sausages, crabstick, fish ball and instant noodles. We also included mushrooms, seaweed and lots of chicken meat and vege. We improvised and used a rice cooker instead.
Better sign off now and help out in the kitchen. If not......


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