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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fast food

Being lazy to go out for dinner, made cheese baked pasta for dinner last night. Just boil the pasta, add the delicious leftover pasta sauce, mozarella cheese and pop it in the oven for 7 mins. Tadaaa, dinner's ready!

'Hardworking' Su-Lyn eating dinner while studying with the computer and msn on infront.

This is one cute japanese cup noodle. Its comparatively smaller in size than our normal cup noodle. It definitely tasted different, a little like miso soup and u can get small slices of fish cake and tiny pieces of dried tofu. This was the last cup on the shelf (brought here by a japanese student exchange that stayed in my hse for 3 days). Will definitely ask anyone, relatives and friends from japan to buy more next time. Dunno what its called, so ppl remember that it looks like this------->

The clock shows 00:01. So Happy New Year 2007!! May this new year bring everyone good health, good luck n prosperity! Have an enjoyable and memorable new year, best wishes!


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