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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Its over!!!!

At last, EXAMS OVER!!

Cant believe that 2 weeks of exam actually felt like 2 months. The time just never pass when ur studying. Last paper was yesterday n it sucked big time. Since it was my last papar, so the mood of studying wasnt there anymore. U just day dream about plans after exam. In addition to that, I was sooooo super hungry during the exam that I couldnt think and started sweating. Really sweating when i was just sitting under the air-cond. Anything that comes into my mind during that time is food! Glorious food! Partly, the paper was difficult, dunno how to answer so think of food.

Hmmm, apparently my readers have been complaining that there's too much food in here. WHY?? I love eating, I love food! Food is heaven! No one can live without food. My motto is Live to Eat and not eat to live. We should be thankful that we are able to have nice delicious food on the table everyday. Even if its just a plate of plain fried rice or bread or biscuit. Although i have to admit that the food posted here are more to that. hehehe.


There must at least be a small celebration after exam rite. So what do we do? Eat of course! Went to this italian restaurant, Venetzia in Cheras that is suppose to be better and cheaper than Itallianies. The portion was quite small though. The pizza is heavenly, which i think its a must when u go there. It only cost RM15 for one. More details of the food can be obtained from cheese's blog. (i think!) Hahaha. Since The Sun Newspaper has this little cut-out coupon of buy 1 free 1 ice cream from Baskin, our dessert was ice-cream! The greentea ice-cream i had was great and so is peiwen's mango. Seeing these yummylicious ice-cream, Pin just couldnt resist and had to get one for herself. Hahaha... tham chiak po!
Plans after exam:
1. Satay celup tonight at eddie's place.
2. Langkawi-Penang trip tomorrow.
3. Sleep
4. Gilmore Girls
Happy Holidays to all and All The Best to those in UK who still have a few more papers to go. Gambateh!!


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