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Thursday, July 12, 2007


There will be another 7 weeks, 1 days of ‘torture’ before I can spell FREEDOM. MERDEKA it is! My internship ends on the 31st of August. Why is it that I say its torture many of you may ask? Let me enlighten you with a story that seems to be getting better, but apparently I was fooled.

For the past 3 ½ weeks, I’ve been pretty relaxed or rather free of any important work or any work at all for that matter. The first week was awful as I was only doing data entry, cutting and stamping papers. I did not drive 29.5km one way (59km a day!!) to do data entry and paid peanuts ok!! Not to mention, I was harassed by a stupid, idiotic & damn ‘yong sui’ malay guy everyday.

Then, on the second week, my life as an intern looks brighter. I was given more ‘important task’ or project to carry out. No one can imagine how delighted and excited I was. Finally! I’m given something somehow related to my course of study, making me feeling less stupid. (Seriously, when you do data entry and cutting papers all day long, you feel that your wasting all your parents $$ sending you to university, working their butt off paying the exorbitant tuition fees and YOU, sit all day long CUTTING PAPERS!! Where is the logic?) And so I thought my life as an intern has at last started. I was even asked to participate in meetings. You can imagine how happy I was at that time. Not to mention, I was transferred to the office upstairs (away from the ‘yong sui’ harasser *yee haww*) and got a computer with internet access!! Yahoo!!!

Into third week, life just seems to be getting better and better for me. I even got the chance and green light from my manager to leave office and go to another factory to collect information for my assignment. LEAVE?? OUTSIDE?? Yes, leave the prison, out into the wild!! All in all, my happiness only lasted maybe about a week and a half. After that, I began to feel bored and helpless. Why is that so?? First of all, I was thrown into the task all alone. I’m blur at things but I’m willing to learn. Therefore, there are lots of questions inside me waiting to be answered. The unfortunate thing was, to even have the chance to ask those questions, I need to wait. N waits. N waits. N waits. It’s like when you walked into a government office, before you can do any transaction on the counter, u first need to take a number and wait for the never ending list of numbers before it’s even your turn. Yeah, the manager is super ultra bzzzzz. Can’t help it, he is that important.

From then on, life in office became a waiting game. And my happiness and excitement level took a leap from level 10 to 5. Everyday, I would ask around office, is there anything I can help out?? Yes, I am that helpful ;) I was actually very thankful & pleased when someone said yeah, could you help me with this. You can say I do odd jobs. Hehehe. But how many odd jobs can one give you rite. So the waiting game continued.

The only thing that kept me going for so long (it feels that time passes veryyyy slowwwwlyyy when u have nothing to do) is the internet access I have. The most brilliant invention for me at that very moment! With that, I was connected virtually to the whole wide world, relieving me from the bored ness in me. It was my only source of communication with my friends that motivates me to hold on. Not to mention, I did research on my assignment with the aid of internet as well.

On the 4th week (2 days ago), 2 IT officers came installing new computers and fixing phone lines which was bitten by Mickey and Minnie. Yes, there’s Mickey and Minnie in the office eating our tidbits and wires and papers and anything and everything. One of the IT officers was quite small sized, really!!, and both not leng chai enough for me to noticed, so I don’t bother. Mana tau, damn!! It was a mistake!! Never underestimate them!! Licik sial. They saw me checking emails, instant messaging, reading blogs, but they choose to keep quiet and BAAAANGGGGGGG; the next morning when I came into office; there was NO MORE INTERNET on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first, I thought ok, don’t worry, don’t panic, maybe its just server down. Then when I went on to investigate, I realized that everyone still has internet access except mine. I’m barred!! What is the problem with those two gutless, brainless, emotionless freaks! You could have told me straight there and then. There is no need to disconnect me and keep quiet about it. You’re a working adult. You should be educated. You should have some working etiquettes. There are so many other staff using MSN, YM, SKYPE, but those two idiots just have to bloody bar my connection. PISSSSED! Is it just so I’m an intern you can act like that?

So all I do now is sit and stare and day dream and think. A lot. I feel useless. I hate this feeling. I want my internet back!

I don’t know how I’m going to last for another 7 and a half more weeks.

Happiness level: 1.

Don’t feel sorry for me. It’s just my luck.


Blogger Babydoll said...

sighs..i feel u..but mine terbalik..gave fake hope at the beginning.. =)

July 25, 2007 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger Joyce said...

at least you have internet access k... my lab there phone also no line wei...=(

August 5, 2007 at 12:29 AM  

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