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Friday, July 6, 2007

Who let the dog out???

Helloooo Malaysia....

Its been a long time since I blogged. So to start off blogging again, i'll make this post short. There were of course many reasons why I was in a hiatus for so long. It all started with me writing a long post and it got deleted when I accidently press the 'back' button and 'poof' there goes my 2 hrs of hardwork. So I merajuk wif e-blogger. Then the semester starts and was so busy with work and activities among other things.

DOG. Dog is said to be man's best friend. Why?? Have you ever wondered?? Apparently, it is said so because a dog is more faithful than other animals and more faithful than many people. Hmmm....quite true. People usually rare dogs to guard houses. Police use dogs for tracking drugs, human and etc. Dogs are smart indeed. Once, I was watching this discovery on dogs using their smelling senses to detect cancers cells. Smart huh.

Talking bout dogs guarding houses. Hmmm, at work today, a fellow colleague didn't show up. Everyone was wondering what had happen. Later, it was found out that she was bitten by a friend's dog and needed 7 bloody stitches to close the wound!! Didn't find out what breed is the dog though. Probably if anyone was bitten by Nelson's big super scaryyyy fierce German Shepherd, a minimum of 15 stitches is needed. Heh.

Coincidentally, i packed home made coney dog for lunch! Anyway, why is it called a coney dog? Coney because it came from coney island? or its shape like a cone? (dont think so). Dog? Why dog? Why?

Anyway, this is what i made!! My very own CONEY DOG!


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