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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Office politics

There’s no doubt that there’s always office politics going on in each and every company. Be it a small private company, a big multi-national company, government offices, school, hospital, everywhere where people work together. Unless your company has only 1 worker and that is you.

How does office politics starts? Jealousy? Gossips?

Working as an industrial trainee, I could sense the office politics going on after 1 week of work. Even Dr. Law asked me how's the office politic in your company when he came to visit me yesterday. Why do people have office politics? Can’t everyone live and work happily together as one united family?

One can choose not to get involve in it but can one avoid it? Can you ignore what is going on when you’re one of the targeted subjects? I believe you can, but it takes a lot of work and effort. You have to learn to ignore, be less sensitive and probably thick skin. In hokkien, you say ‘kau bin pwey’. You must not let yourself succumb to office politics and be de-motivated.

When there’s jealousy, gossips will start spreading. Sometimes, it spreads like a wild fire, sometimes it’s within a group of people. ‘Kaypo’ people I call it. Why one have to be jealous over another person? If you want or like what the other person is having or doing, then work towards it. Let it motivate you. There’s no need to be sour grape. If you don’t like what the other person is doing or her for that matter, then just ignore her. All have you have to do is at least have some courtesy, greeting that person. Who knows after getting to know that person, you might change your perspective.

But I think worst of all would be a two faced person.

That’s life. It’s hard. No one ever said it’s easy. It’s just how smooth one takes it.

Working has somehow matured me.


Blogger Cybermate said...

ooo.... Office politics - can never be avoided. The more you stay away, the more they just suck you in and make you part of the... office war.

August 25, 2007 at 5:29 PM  

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